revu by Sue Braiden (CBC Radio) / photo by Beccy Hewer

Local songwriter Mark Hewer has discovered the Web as a means to promote his music and collaborate with artists across the Atlantic. With the help of a robust online presence, his discs travel as far as China, Germany and Sweden.

Sue Braiden of CBC Radio
"Mark Hewer is a gentle, passionate and gifted composer. Even better, he's from my hometown, Windsor, in Canada. His ability to collaborate is likely the product of his experience as a drummer for various bands on the circuit. Hewer's got much more than just a knack for rhythm. His ability to create well-textured scores is almost poetic, not getting caught in the trap of formula songs. He adroitly crosses genres, moving as easily through instrumentals and vocal pop pieces as he does the jazzy, delicious little piano riffs. Mark Hewer's scores are shapeshifters -- melodically layered journeys that are a delight to take."

Internationally Recognized - The Windsor Scene
"Hewer is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who has written volumes of material over the years. But unlike most musicians who turn to record labels for their power, Hewer turned to an obvious (although underused) location: the Internet. Hewer has quietly gained the attention of many international sources and his music now graces many a worldly sound system. His music is also a road map of sounds - ranging from Vangelis-esque instrumentals to classic rock sounds reminscent of bands like Journey or Asia. But his talent his undeniable and his passion for exposing the world to his music is simply unmatched."

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